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We feel that music is a wide culture, so every genre has its own style and aesthetics. Artwork should recall those characteristics, but still without being bound to the genre because every artist is special. This is why we think that we have the most amazing job in the world – we are creating worlds within the worlds, giving the artists new ways to shine their light in the infinite ocean of music. No matter if it’s Jazz, Techno, Pop, Hip-Hop, or any other genre, we are interested in working with you.

Our style is based on photo manipulation, digital collage, and compositing. We don’t do illustrations and drawings, we are working with images that we take out from their original context and give them new, unique meanings.

Communication is very important to get us familiarized with the theme of your music piece so we can give our best to tell its story visually. We want to hear your thoughts and wishes – the DS brief is never too long! Also, patience and a friendly attitude are a must to achieve something extraordinary. Our main goal is to have happy customers and to expand our network of versatile musicians from all around the world.

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