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YouTube Videos (Original Clips, sound, appealing titles Background music,Etc) 2 Days Delivery Unlimited Revisions What's Included Voice over recording Subtitling Background music Stock Foota

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About This DS!

Trying to create a Youtube channel, but afraid of making videos?

We are here to fix your problems like that.

What are we offering?

Creation of video




Copyright Free Music

professional editing

Voice Over

What I’m Offering:

I’m trying to make the top 10 best Youtube videos

What you will receive:

You’ll get an exclusive MP4 format video.


Top 5 or 10 commodities

Biography of actors/actresses

Biography of a Sports Person

Promoting goods

Photos and Videos

Amazon Partner, eBay, goods from Aliexpress.

And much More Things.


Optional: Please provide a transparent Logo, Intro, and Outro of your channel if you have them, thank you.

Note: If you do have not anything then no worries.

1. Name Titles

2. the script + top 10 names or I do it myself

3. Do you want me to use: slideshow images OR video clips OR both

4. AUDIO: with text and music OR voice synthesis(text to speech) OR your voice.

5. Please Give Me More ideas and feedback about how you want the video to be.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Thank you:)

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